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Monday, January 18, 2010

bananagrams anyone?

For any of you that know me, I love games like everyone else, but I am no nut for scrabble. I hardly ever play it I am afraid. Not too long ago I discovered Boggle again and really love that. Then, one day, we played Bananagrams!! If you haven't jumped on this wagon yet, it is time to get going quickly. It is so addicting, fast paced, challenging, great for teaching (you know I couldn't resist that one).
Let me know how you like it!!


The Tribe said...

What is the object of the game? We love a game called speed scrabble which uses scrabble tiles. In this game each person makes their own crossword out of the 10 tiles alloted them. The rest of the tiles are placed face down in the middle. The first person to use all their tiles in a crossword says take two (or 4 if you want to go even faster). Everyone takes two more tiles and tries to fit them into or totally redo their crosswords. You continue this until all the tiles are gone. We never play for a score, just for fun! (and education ;-))

Tonya said...

It is very similar indeed. This one comes in small banana and and has a few little variations and names, but much the same!!

Beth in IL said...

I like to play Scrabble with the kids. I let them use the dictionary and we have extra tiles. Anything to help with spelling!

Peter said...

You can play Speed Scrabble online - also quite fun :)

Appliejuice said...

We have this game and have never played it. I'll be sure to get it out now. thank you.


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