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Join us on a journey of faith, healing, learning to live with part of our hearts missing, and recovery, as our family rebuilds our lives, after our son's long battle with cancer....and his eventual rise on eagle's wings into Heaven...victory is his...he is serving the King!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

rocket day 2009

Do you all remember when we went to fly rockets here last year? Well, this year was postponed until now due to the farmers being unable to harvest. Here is how our day started. We were so blessed to have a fairly warm day with lots of sun! (but oh, look at all that mud)
I should add here that I actually forgot my camera and used my daughters little tiny Samsung and they turned pretty good.

Plenty of time to scope for rockets and just hang out.

Here are some fun neighboring rockets.

Here is dad's very special bigger rocket this year that I sadly didn't get good photo of and forgot to get one with my honey when he earned his special launching certificate.
(i will try to get that later)
I also didn't get a photo of our son Dylan who is 17 and worked hard on the rockets and did most of the clean up packing while dad took the littles to fly theirs. He also had to walk very far to find his rocket when it came down. Thanks son.

The kid's rockets...

Rocket man...

Grampa came to watch and shoot videos.

Blast off!!

That is T and Dad up there.
Watch for it....

It's getting late.....

Time to go home.....

Thanking the Lord for a wonderful family day.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the spy who came by sea

This was a quick history supplemental reading aloud adventure. It is fun picking some that I didn't get to read when Dylan was younger and we were in this time period. I think this is a newer one that came out though. (a little secret is that I love reading these too) :) This would make a fine book for the kids to read to themselves as well.
This book was not long and it was pretty good but nothing so great that you would be sorry if you left it out of your reading list. The kids are heroic in finding a spy and there is a decent ending about trust, stretching the truth and befriending even the 'weird' kid. Also there is some girl liking/attitudes that I felt didn't need to be there, although it wasn't graphic. Overall. it was a nice mystery adventure that was overall pleasing but not totally fulfilling.

Monday, November 23, 2009

family party

Just posting a few photos from girly's family party. I can't believe my baby is 8!! Has it been that long since I have given birth and held my little baby in my arms? I can see now why parents really start to long for grandchildren some day...but don't worry, I can wait awhile still. :)

I don't know if you can tell but can you see her little doll with her own little violin set? How cute is that?
Thank you Lord for my precious little girl.

Friday, November 20, 2009

6 clinic days left again!!

Well, due to holidays and other changes that are made in scheduling from the clinic world, it looks like I need to change the number of visits left...long story short, we NOW have 6 more clinic days to go!!!

Yeah....we are so excited! He will go in Dec., Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., then finally in May!!!

Check out the countdown over there folks!!!

Here was last clinic labs:
WBC 2000
ANC 1150
HGB 11.6
PLT 160,000

wbc 2900 up
anc 1880 up
hgb 11.7
plt 146,00

So you can see how it is staying pretty steady now with some mild ups and downs so they kept everything the same with no in between labs. NO med changes. I feel like we are really flowing a bit now.
Braveheart is feeling ok most of the time now. He gets tired, takes naps, especially achy after clinic day, but overall, seems much better now.

I have a really bad cold so prayer for me to heal and B to stay clear of it would be appreciated. In fact, everyone seems to be getting something here now. Ugh.

Can you believe that thanksgiving is nearly here already?? WOW. We have so much to be thankful for at our house. Even though life can bring so many different challenges to every one's household, it is good to sit and reflect on what we are truly thankful for.

A son who is alive and responding well to treatment.
Other children who are healthy.
A family, united.
A loving marriage. (a good and cute man) :)) (WE JUST HAD 18 YEARS!!!!)
A mom that is the best mom a girl could have (awesome grandma) and such a great help to us. We keep thanking God for her continually.
Grandparents that come sit with kids staying home and offer rides and love us. (thanks Barb, Dick, GG)
Those special friends that God gives us.
Extended family, friends and church families, brothers and sisters in Christ.
An imperfect, warm, dry, comfortable home.
Being laid off (yes, thank you Lord) and getting back to work..Praise God!
YOU ALL that keep in touch here and pray for us, we thank YOU!!!

I for one am thankful for a Savior, named Jesus Christ, who died on a cross to take the punishment for (our or insert you own name here) own sins and who's forgiveness is for all, absolute and forever when you simply receive His gift of salvation.

6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

john 1:12But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name,


What are you thankful for?

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! Hope you all have a great, relaxing week.

Monday, November 16, 2009

fall goings on

Making pumpkin scone snacks.....

Great Grandma's that come visit and spend time with the kids and listen to their music playing....

This is a sign that boys live here....

I finally made a homemade apple pie. I did not make the crust though this time, but I cut up all the apples bought from a local orchard.

Girl version of pumpkin decorating.

We were blessed with many pumpkins this year and I am enjoying baking them and making my own pumpkin puree, but with frequent foot resting.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

little house on the prairie party

8 is great!!

Shaking the cream...
as all the girls took turns making butter, telling prairie stories and playing hot potato to fiddle tunes. Such a simple game but oodles of fun!

Prairie dinner using their own home made butter on the cornbread.

Are these prairie dolls related??

The bonnet girls.

The beads were a hit.

Square dancing all around while 'Pa' played the fiddle.

The whole prairie gang. The girls all went home with their own thimble and a stitching square, needle and embroidery floss. It was so much fun, thanks for coming girls.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

animal, vegetable, miracle

This is my most recent audio book that I listened to in my kitchen while waiting for things to cook, bake or any other kitcheny task. I really enjoyed this book. It follows a family that is going to eat 'locally' for a year. It is well written and the narrator, which I believe is also the author, is quite pleasant to listen to. My heart has always longed for and attempted home growing, cooking and storing, so this book just really appealed to me. I loved how it went through the whole year as foods are available and how they cook, store, eat and purchase their items. Although a little worldly at times, it is a vision of God's plan for food in the seasons and Barbara has a descriptive gift with words. My only regret is that near the end as she goes on and on about the wonderfulness of all she has written about, you quite fully expect to hear God given all the credit for this amazing creation, but never comes. Her description of celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas left me wondering how it's True meaning could be so blatantly skimmed over. Even with this and occasional opinion disappointments, however, the book was well worth listening to for it's seasonal, harvesting and local eating accounts.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

fall party creations

Scouts had a pack meeting and we had to come up with a quick treat so we tried to use what we had around the house and we made a small little batch of frosting and used our licorice and chocolate chips to make a monster was pretty tasty too.

This next snack won the prize at the meeting and T got to be the one to eat the creature! Yuck.

Damsel made this at a friends party. Cute.


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