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Join us on a journey of faith, healing, learning to live with part of our hearts missing, and recovery, as our family rebuilds our lives, after our son's long battle with cancer....and his eventual rise on eagle's wings into Heaven...victory is his...he is serving the King!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

visiting our son's grave

We went to our son's grave.  It was bitter sweet.  I hadn't really even thought of his grave much because the weather has been so cold and so snowy or so wet.  When a nice day finally hits, I realize that I should have gone. 
His body is there, not 'him', but when I stopped very quickly one morning I realized that it is still a place I want to make our own, showing the beauty and love that he held here on earth....still holds from us from afar....
So, the man and I went recently to walk around and decide what to do for now to beautify his place of rest.  You see, there is no grave marker yet, just this blank spot with an outline of where they cut the grass.  We are starting the process of getting the marker ordered.  We want to do it right and take our time. I think I am ready now to face this.
We love his spot. He is in the 'the old rugged cross' section which we love....he is back toward the ravine....where the birds just seems right for his body...
We are grateful that he cares nothing of where is body is left...he is happy in Heaven...he has better things to do..

Sunday, April 14, 2013

water bottle gone

This is going to seem stupid, but I am devastated.   I had to go to the local hospital for some routine preventative tests last week, which required me to drink lots of water.  I was currently using B's water bottle. Yes, the very one he used while he was on this earth the last year of his life.  A very nice water bottle.  It had his name etched into it and I was a little bit emotionally attached to having it with me, making it mine. 
While I was leaving said hospital, I must have left it there and not noticed because not until the next day did I figured out it was gone...gone...I called the next day....they looked...I was only two places....I am has made me grieve...
I just wasn't ready to give that up yet....I am's just a bottle..but oh how that frustrates me...

Monday, April 8, 2013

3 months

Here is my post from
It's hard to believe that it has been three whole months since we have put our arms around you here on earth. The weather has stayed so cold....somewhat reflective of life here without your warm smile and bright spirit. Last year at this time, you were out warming up in the sun...but now you are basking in something much more wonderful our dearly beloved boy...oh how our flesh desires to take you back into our arms, smothering you with kisses...dare I not have you back from Perfection...alas, the weather will warm, my son, our love for each other left here on earth tries to makes up enough warmth to replace what you took with you....that would make you happy...
We finally can see your grave site without the bitter cold and it is time to begin to place your marker. Your spirit is not there, but we will honor this place as one that has left his mark on this world, was loved and cared for.
This photo has us imagining you basking in His light...happy and never sad for one moment...we love you...


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