Magnanimously homeschooling, worshiping, creating.......

Join us on a journey of faith, healing, learning to live with part of our hearts missing, and recovery, as our family rebuilds our lives, after our son's long battle with cancer....and his eventual rise on eagle's wings into Heaven...victory is his...he is serving the King!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

thoughtful, comforting friends

B just got out of the hospital here back in mid Dec. His counts were still at a fairly safe level, so a few short, well screened visitors can be a real blessing.
(not all at the same time) :) We can't even name or get a photo of all of you and how you've blessed and encouraged our whole family but here is a peek at what we are so thankful for....

Friends bringing food and reading Christmas stories!

Blessing us with treats and encouragement, as well as a game of checkers.

Great big bros and friends...who always pray hard and put up with us. :)

Playing music and singing songs. This always cheers B up.

B feeling good enough to sing along for short periods. We're so glad he's home.

Monday, December 29, 2008

warm fleece jammies

Many of you know that our son was in the hospital for 15 days in November for complications resulting from Neutropenia (low blood counts). This one really kicked his buns good. He hung in there with God's grace and presence and we were overjoyed when we finally brought him home. He lost all his hair this time and the weather being cold and wintry now, caused a cold head at night and he had trouble getting warm in the house, so he asked me for some warm jammies. My friend Patty (she and Karl are dear friends and have been super supportive during this whole ordeal and we are REALLY thankful for them) told us that 'uncle karl' knew all about cold heads at night. Before she even knew our plight fully she was making plans for warm fuzzies!! God answered B's simple little prayer. He is nice and cozy warm now. Thanks Patty, for your fuzzy, loving touch. You blessed this snugly little boy tremendously!

Speaking of snuggling...I just love this shot of me and B's feet while snuggling after he got home. :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

chunky winter snowfall

I love how this one really captures the lines of the falling snow.

We're back in the groove. I hate having the computer off line and I think I missed a bundle of fun blog moments, so be ready in case you must see an abundance of retroactive blogging. I couldn't resist capturing the beauty of the fat falling snow we had the other day. Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas break.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I can't even mail anything out right now on my regular computer!! Even so, cards are hard this year so if you see me, ask me for a copy of our family photo and know that we love you that I am still working on your thank you card if you have one coming. :) With Christmas it has been slightly more challenging. Clinic day for B tomorrow. Part of our 2008 memories. We are thanking the Lord for His many blessings.
Merry Christmas from the Campbells

Sunday, December 21, 2008

best friends

C and D have been best friends since they were very young in grade school. You know that friend that you just always have your whole life? Where D is quiet and reserved, C is loud and outgoing. Both are fine young men with kind hearts and make us proud. They are opposites, which I love. C brings a special amount of rowdy to D's life that has been a real blessing. The other kids just love him like a brother and he returns the brotherliness. Here they are heading with friends to a wedding. We consider C our 'adoptive' kid. We are so blessed for them to be friends. Glad to know you in this world C. Glad we are a family in Christ too.
To quote C: "I want to live here except for the veggies!"

just to let you know

I wanted to write today just to let you know why I haven't written anything for awhile. B and I were at the hospital for 15 days and then we had a virus and still do on our family computer and I can't add pics with the laptop but for a few. Ugh. So much to show and tell and limited ways to do it. We are home and hanging in there for phase 4 with B. He was even singing some Christmas Carols today while they played. His favorite one is THE DRUMMER BOY. Don't you just love Christmas Carols? We got started later than usual this year but we got them out and we listen to them all the time. Such rich wording about our savior. I can just see how they help heal a little boy I know.

Check A's birthday blog as I finally added some pics but wanted a special one that I have to add later due to viral issues. Those will be resolved soon.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

coming home

We're finally home after a long hospital stay. I am just now finishing this up so I am behind. I will just add below, something I wrote for the carepages and loved it and wanted it to be here.

As I reflect over the last few weeks, I am just amazed when I ponder what our bodies can do. I am so thankful for all the medical advancements we have made over the years that have facilitated our own abilities. (get ready for the longest sentence I have ever written) I am even more amazed how a child can be poisoned, liver function altered, thermostat regulator impaired, cells dying, hair falling, eyes darkening, skin drying, membrane breaking, nutrients depleting, electrolytes plunging, heart beating too fast for a little boney body to contain in his constantly expanding chest, can receive the gift of sustainment through those advancements and prayer, then from what appeared/seemed to be/ wasn't it though??/near death.. (you nurses know what I mean and how he looked) and yet is very slowly, by God's great design...recovering. How could such a body have exploded and evolved into such a wonderful working machine?? Is it perfect? Does it always heal/ work right? No, but I have seen more miracles in this year than I can describe. I am continually amazed and in awe of Him and the strength He gives this precious boy who in his weak body is so brave and full of courage, peace and strength that comes from a deep trust that he is loved and created for a purpose. Even now, I see each day the workings of those cells we can't see, silently, by pre-design, dividing, building and repairing. Even though in this fallen world one cell made a mistake and divided into many mistakes, his little body is trying to keep doing what it was designed to do. I am so thankful. WE are so thankful.It has been quite an experience for our family this year and it is good to be able to share some of our heart as we go through a sort of whirlwind and yet...there is among the storm much calm and peace. A family that is clinging to each other and the One above and the love and prayers of all of you. Wow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

summer 2008

Just wanted to post our pics from 2008 for safe keeping.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

leftover pork soup

I found the most fun crockpot website that is right up my alley. I love Stephanies conversationalist style and mostly simple and wholesome ingredients. It inspired me to use mine for soup this week. I'm not a gourmet type cook. I love healthy, fast and easy! I love using my crockpot for the throw it in and go mode. I use it to cook winter veggies all the time. I have tried a few of her recipes, all good so far, but this one I just made up as I went with leftovers. Hey, Karl, if you're reading this, first of all it IS pork and we DID think we were going to go to the hospital the next day when we put it in, so don't think we forgot about you. :)
Our friends blessed us with a delicious pork dinner with italian peas and homemade applesauce...yum. Thanks. We put the leftovers to good and extended use. Ahhh... warm soup on a cold day.

Here is my assistant chef. She helped make it and put all the ingredients in the pot. In addition she even served everyone and made a beautiful table that I wish I had captured here. Man I think food is pretty!

Here is what I did.

Added a pat of butter to the pot.

Strip cut the leftover pork and a small sweet onion.

Plopped in all the rest of my organic carrots from the fridge, leftover cabbage, the italian peas, pre-soaked brown rice, salt, pepper and tumeric. (I wanted to add this into our diet as I have read it is a great antinflammatory and good for fighting cancer) I am going to look up more on how it is used as a flavoring. I thought it added a rich golden color and couldn't really tell if I could taste it but the soup was the bomb!! Yum!

I put it on high for a couple hours then low for the rest of the day.

Well, not any kind of new recipe but it was fun and best of all soo easy for any mom who is busy or preparing for hospital admission. I will share my other easy and fun one I tried when I had to cook a roast waiting in my fridge. Let me just say that it has to be super easy right now for me or I don't make it at all. My time is very limited in this area currently.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

signing up for class

Today I had the surreal privilege of signing my high school junior up for a college coarse!! Wow, how old am I anyway? As we were walking in he was wearing that darned, ugly, worn, bright orange hoody sweatshirt. Ugh. I have never been an 'overly dress up appearances are all that matters' kind of mom. I have never allowed complete bumdome either. We try to step it up a notch for church but we have been pretty relaxed as D got older since we want our son to go there to worship and we want it to be real and not about how he looks for Jesus. Having said that, I was generously offering my advice about how important it is at times like this to maintain a certain appearance while at the same time I am trying not to sound like ones looks are what matters most and is the guiding force in our lives...whoa!! Deep stuff, eh? Are you impressed yet? Who would have thought that would be so hard. If you're like me, you over think it and want to cover every aspect and be oh so careful about how you convey this advice. :)
Needless to say, after we took care of business, we were walking out together and at the same time a young woman was walking in. She was dressed all in black with hyped up hair and funky jewelry and other unusual paraphernalia and I think there were multiple piercings. Hey I love freedom of expression, we kindly held the door for her.
Quietly I leaned toward D as we walked in step together, "Scrap everything I said earlier, your ugly orange sweatshirt isn't that bad after all hun. (smile)
That was a fun moment. God does have a sense of humor.

Monday, December 8, 2008 stay thanksgiving

I just thought this had a cool vibe look!!

Taking a walk in the corridor.

Do I really have to smile for this right now?

I don't know what else to say...I just love these photos of Bryce with his daddy and Glenn with his precious son. Time to go back.

Well, would you believe me if I told you that we had much to be thankful for? Bryce got his buns kicked pretty hard in Nov. from the intense repeat phase 4. I am still reeling a bit. We were at the hospital for 15 days. Many families stay for weeks and months. Glenn, thankfully, had a four day weekend and we were able to procure a suite at the Ronald McDonald House. Glenn slept there with the troops and came to the room every day and spent the whole day. The RMH served thanksgiving food and so did a nice women who just came to the floor by herself with food!! I can think of so many things I can do to help others some day. Also, if you ever want to save the tabs from your pop cans, the RMH earns many funds by cashing those in each year. I can take them up for you. Anyway, Bryce was very ill, but was getting better each day and we had to get him out walking. He was more stoic and quiet than ever in his life that 2 weeks. Here he is getting closer to his release and looking much better. Dad and I cheered him up when he got too tired to finish the walk back to the room. See the video below. :) SHhhhh. Don't tell the head honchos. Hey, we got him to smile! Hope you enjoy a splash of humor during our long stay away from home.

We were just happy to be together. THANKFUL.


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