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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

plan update

This weekend I had a very nice time.  Sat. afternoon was spent at a picnic for a local group that supports kids with cancer.  We are still always included, we are so thankful. We had a petting zoo and all kinds of fun for kids, hamburgers, chips...I was starving and did not come prepared with my salad.  I was hoping there would be more than just burgers and chips I will admit. Well, as it turns out, I had popcorn, very salty by the way but oh do I love me some popcorn....(this will increase your up wt in the morning naturally) and chips and a bun with my burger which I normally don't include, because I was so hungry and the variety was so limited. It was good though.
 I went all out and ate some skittles too, which are my fave and I haven't had those in months.  As suspected I was up.  I didn't end up feeling too bad either. This is what happens when you are healing your body, you can manage some 'off days' much better.
Sunday I ate well, no bun with home made hamburgers and a guest. I just couldn't resist the fries...they are so good!! I have figured out that I get real fat when I eat white potatoes.  But I did well enough that even with my 'passed' home made ice cream I was only up a .4 which made me happy.

Monday I had a totally friendly day and lost all my weekend inflammation and now I will have several days of friendly testing this week.  I ended up testing one little thing yesterday, my efforts to start making less wheat items, I made some almond flour (AF) biscuits. Oh boy were they good.  I got out my flour from my freezer from back when I was making things for B and found my almond flour book. Well, I just HAD to try these biscuits of I did.  Even though one can lose weight on a food, one may not be free of reactions. Food that don't agree with you , as you may have learned from reading my previous entries, can cause many other symptoms.  I have been so amazed and thankful for how in tune I am to my body these days.  I ended up having a headache all through the night and woke up with it. Mmmm.
Needless to say, I couldn't help but have memories of making things and using this book for my dear boy.  We miss him so much!

 I can't remember if I wrote this here, but I made AF blueberry fritters the other day for breakfast and tried them. I passed but noticed I had a headache in the afternoon.  I will have to make a specific test because  both AF creations had eggs as well, so it could be eggs, which is also a high reactive food. UGH!

  This was a big hit for every one.

Even my very picky husband had one bite and grabbed for more quickly to make sure he had his share fully. That makes my heart sing because my man does not dish out comliments like candy around here...oh know. Tomorrow I hope to tell you about my love blood cell analysis I had on Sat.

Peace and keep eating your plate of veggies!

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