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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

dance merathon 16...for the kids!

What can I say about Dance Marathon? I think I heard it is the largest college organization for quite some distance that I can't remember. This is an event that we have only just this year been well enough to attend. Even so we just got out of the hospital and my feet are still not 100%, so we think next year will be really great.
To avoid making this too long, these kids, what can I say. They spend all year preparing for this huge event and raising money. They actually put a portion of what they raise toward many patient's uncovered bills, buy equipment and supplies for the peds oncology floor. Much more than I can mention. I can't begin to tell you how that has blessed us. They have family reps (our rep is up there in the grey shirt) who visit and keep in touch with families. We are posing with our and another sorority.
Then this event happens every year where these kids dance all night long for 24 hours as the fundraiser. WOW. They do all this FOR THE KIDS! The dining hall and BEST BUY room was filled with fun games and activities for all ages. My daughter was in heaven with the karaoke machine even though she doesn't know most of the songs! She would just get up there sing her Jesus was so cute. Some people knew them and joined in too.

They organize by colored shirts. The first video above is the red shirts, who are the moral team and they do that dance (that they wrote) you see to that song every single hour! Do they look a little tired? While we all went back to our hotel for some shut eye, the college kids were up ALL night long.
The last video is of the power hour. It gets quite exciting, bouncy and loud! You got to give it to them though, it's for the kids. We however, could not make it through the whole hour and had to head home. We were exhausted. Well, I think certain long videos just don't work, so it may never appear.
I am thankful for all they do for the kids.

1 comment:

dm said...

You did an awesome job portraying Dance Marathon! Can't wait for you all to have a great experience this year!


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