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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

soothing, cancer healing smoothie

Speaking of illnesses, one of the best ways to help heal one up whether it be cancer or an unknown virus with fever like one of mine had this week, is with a soothing smoothie. There is no end to the ways you can make one. This is one way that I have gotten some extra nutrition into Braveheart during his battle. Although you've all read about these and most likely make your own, here is how I make ours. At least one way. :)

General base that seldom changes:

Frozen bananas (i keep these in freezer)

frugal tip (i buy the .99 cent getting old ones in a bag)

(i often buy organic/ they are nearly same, especially the organic leftovers)

Frozen berries (aldi store has great price on f. berries)

Fruit juice (this can be OJ, apple, pomegranate or

many others)(pomegranate is cancer fighter)


yogurt/ kefir (gives probiotic and fermented benefits)

flax seed oil


protein powder in the form of whey or goat's milk

coconut oil

green powder supplements: spirulina, wheat grass, veggies..etc..
(there are many varieties and you can't taste it in here and it really adds that extra punch of healing cell nutrition and boosts the immune system.

Just zoom it all together and slurp away!

1 comment:

GraceFromHim said...

Thanks for sharing this :)
Yumm! My kids love smoothies too!


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