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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

signing up for class

Today I had the surreal privilege of signing my high school junior up for a college coarse!! Wow, how old am I anyway? As we were walking in he was wearing that darned, ugly, worn, bright orange hoody sweatshirt. Ugh. I have never been an 'overly dress up appearances are all that matters' kind of mom. I have never allowed complete bumdome either. We try to step it up a notch for church but we have been pretty relaxed as D got older since we want our son to go there to worship and we want it to be real and not about how he looks for Jesus. Having said that, I was generously offering my advice about how important it is at times like this to maintain a certain appearance while at the same time I am trying not to sound like ones looks are what matters most and is the guiding force in our lives...whoa!! Deep stuff, eh? Are you impressed yet? Who would have thought that would be so hard. If you're like me, you over think it and want to cover every aspect and be oh so careful about how you convey this advice. :)
Needless to say, after we took care of business, we were walking out together and at the same time a young woman was walking in. She was dressed all in black with hyped up hair and funky jewelry and other unusual paraphernalia and I think there were multiple piercings. Hey I love freedom of expression, we kindly held the door for her.
Quietly I leaned toward D as we walked in step together, "Scrap everything I said earlier, your ugly orange sweatshirt isn't that bad after all hun. (smile)
That was a fun moment. God does have a sense of humor.


your friend from Iowa said...

Wow! I love that big family picture!! You just took blogging up a notch! I gotta have one too!
I loved your post about D. at school! I laughed outloud, ya that's right, let him look like the bum! How old are you anyway? Must've been a child bride. ~Kari

Tonya said...

Kari, did mean you gotta have one of those photos too?? :) You will have to step it up a bit when that grandbaby gets here. Have you started making anything yet?? :) Let's hear all about it in your blog girl! Pressure...pressure! Thanks for all the encouragements, love ya, Tonya


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