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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No more DAYS, the plan, testimony

I am pretty much done with the 20 day part of the plan. Also, I have had some distractions and some off days as I explained before. Once you get to Day 20 you just keep using the template for rest days and adding new foods. I am making a list of foods that are friendly and keep adding from there.

 It seems like there are so many things going on and I am pretty impressed with how well I have eaten correctly and avoided lots of poor food choices.  Let's get one thing clear, this isn't about denying one's self pleasure.  The truth is though that we have been eating badly in this new age world. In addition, I have enjoyed some delicious chocolate nearly every day of this journey. I have a long list of foods that I can eat and feel great and stay awake during the school day with my kids. It's a good feeling.  I also allowed myself to enjoy some fun eating times along the way, making sure I 'rest' my body with friendly foods which gives my body a chance to 'heal' and return to normal. This is why my wt. loss has stalled, because I have been testing and having days where I don't test. Now I keep going on my template.  After having a great rest day yesterday with a loss of 1 pound this morning, I will test something new today...I should add in a veggie..if I don't react then the wt. will continue to drop off.

Testimony time:

Since I have started this plan, I have found many foods that my body loves and that help my body to sleep better and lose wt. For instance, I have noticed that my body LOVES beef..yes, beef!  I sleep like a baby, a sleepy baby..haa.  Chicken is good too but doesn't make me sleep nearly as well. My basal temp goes up with beef as well. My stomach fat has decreased by a significant amount even with my measly little 10 pounds of wt off. My soft tissue damaged left knee, the one in which I could not touch and was always swollen but never injured in a way that a surgeon could assist, is markedly improved. I can touch it with my hand, run my fingers over my knee!! I appreciate the little things!  Rarely do I have pain that I was living with previously. My feet which are severely injured with plantar fasciitis, to the point that I can barely walk at times and my feet literally ache throughout, are 50% improved!!  4 1/2 years of this!  My fatigue is noticeably improved!!  My general headaches and body aches that I was learning to live with are nearly completely gone!
I wonder if I am forgetting something...

Very happy!

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