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Friday, May 5, 2017

Machine Quilting Blog Hop

I will be attempting stitching along with the #MachineQuiltingBlogHop? It started on Monday, and we are working our way through The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting by Angela Walters and Christa Watson. 
I will be honest. I forgot, so when it came time to start quilting my nieces quilt that I am trying to finish in time for graduation, I simply dug in with curvy floral triangles and swirls for the white portion of my churn dash block quilt. I am starting sashing now, so I will be working on the week #1 Plumb line 
I have always and still do LOVE machine quilting. I hadn't actually done it in quite some time, so although I have some experience, I am starting over a bit, and hoping to get better and better each day.

 Here is my swirls and florals on my churn dash block quilt.

Excuse me!!!
Did you know that cats love to quilt too? #catslovetoquilttoo Every quilter I have come across with cats would wholeheartedly agree! 

Ok, there. Now I have officially worked some plumb line action. I have to say, I thought these ribbons would be super boring, but they gave me tremendous quilting pleasure! Not to mention, they are just cool looking. 

Switchbacks, which I turned into very wide ones, but I actually loved better. Really have to work on the start/ stops. Also, the sashing is a challenging spot to quilt. Oh my!
I am loving this quilt.

I will continue to post here on my progress. Meanwhile, I will try to update all of my projects I have made this year, which is something I really want to do for myself, to have a record and visual of what I have done over the years.

Magnanimous quilty blessings to you!

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