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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 3 the plan

Day 3
Chicken (very low reactive protein)

I feel great!! Really I do.....that is my feelings Day 3 AM.  As you all know, I have been having about 2 oz of coffee each day to prevent me dying..literally....haa,
so I have a story but first  I forgot to let you all know that I have already been off wheat for about a month prior to starting this with no wt loss at all but I did notice that I went from taking 1-6 Ibuprofen a day to only a few a week!! A new hip pain I was having was nearly gone and my bad knee and feet, although not healed, were improved greatly!  As I research things, I think even my Plantar inflammatory related and that is what the Plan is all about..INFLAMMATION and stopping it. Finding the foods that are YOUR trigger foods.

That being said, I had pre-set plans to have coffee with some mom's from our homeschool class and was going to order hot green tea but unbeknownst to me, I ordered a sugary green cold drink...I guess I am not coffee shop savvy enough, while being told I have a free coffee that expired this very morning at 11 am can you believe that???  It was 9:30 AM.  Well, I opted for my free coffee and planned to drink only 2-3 oz of it and I did and it went well.

Lunch was cream of broccoli soup which I was excited about but it's really not so great, but it is edible and healthy. Most of the food is good, especially when I can add salt back in on Day 4.  If I could show you the face my Damsel made...oh is a pic of the soup, next time I won't blend quite so's very fluffy soup.'s gross looking...

Great day all day, then today was an add chicken day...

Dinner was delicious, I even had a compliment from my man which is rare, so it was well deserved.  Tomorrow is chocolate day but I snuck a very tiny bit of dark chocolate.  Later that night I had very bad heart burn and my body was a little achy..these are big signs to watch for, but chicken and dark chocolate are very low reactive so I am a bit baffled, but since my wt. was still down the next morning....well, it was down a whom-ping 1.4 pounds still!! So I noted this in my journal and will begin Day 4.
From now on I will write about a full day, the following day.

Tid bits:

My hubs is not full on board sadly, he was tired from the day 1 cleanse, he works and his taste buds are less agreeable to all these veggies than me...he will get there but he will be eating our food at home and he already agreed to that.  I am happy.

Also. the flax granola breakfast is not my fav but I am hanging in there and was able to add a bit of honey today which made me very happy. I made the alternative compote and will try that later.

Total Loss so far:   5 pounds

Thanks to my Savior for helping me through this and my Braveheart for giving me inspiration!!  I can do this..he went through so much more and loved me to be healthy.
Love you Brave Boy...miss you so much!!!

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